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Easylocks News

Easylocks News
  1. Launch of the new ezlok Radar Locks

    Here at easylocks we are fully focused on providing customers with top quality products at affordable prices, that's why the launch of our new Radar locks are sold at unbeatable value, and better still if you find them at a lower cost we will price match for you ( terms and conditions apply). A Radar lock is used for disabled toilets and found in many locations like JD Weatherspoons, Mcdonalds, high street toilets and many other locations. A Radar lock is operated with a standard radar key that easylocks also supply to many disabled orgainisations.  So for the best prices on radar locks visit easylocks now.

  2. New website and mobile site


    Here at easylocks HQ, not only are we committed and focused on keeping you, our customers happy, we are also continually thinking of ways to improve our customer satisfaction, including great deals, the best prices, and even better customer support.

    Therefore, we are very pleased and extremely excited to announce the launch of our brand new website that we have developed especially with you in mind. Based on feedback that we have been given, (plus a couple of things that we have thrown in!), we have completely redesigned and updated our website, so whether you’re at home or on the go, easylocks will still be the UK’s Number 1 Lock Shop.

    With all new fast checkout features such as PayPal Express, 1 Page Checkout, and address Finder (so no more filling in those pesky forms!), placing an order has never been quicker or simpler than before.

    Together with our newly developed mobile site, finding the right product at the right price has never been more effortless. Not only have we fully integrated our advanced filter system for ease of use, features include optimization on all mobile internet devices, quick check out, straightforward shopping cart, and much more.

  3. How vulnerable are your Euro cylinder locks

    Did you know that it only takes a burglar about a minute to gain entry to your home if your cylinder is not flush with the door or you are not using a anti bump cylinder.  If the cylinder is not flush then it can easily be snapped to gain entry, even in some cases burglars drill the handle sets off and then snap the cylinder. This can be prevented by using a anti snap or snap safe euro cylinder.

    Euro cylinder locks can also be bumped very easily, and this can be prevented by using a anti bump cylinder. Most of  the euro cylinders we supply that are snap safe or anti snap are also bump and drill proof. Another option if you didn't want to change your current cylinder would be to use some high security escutcheons.

    Your insurance company may also require your euro cylinders to be insurance aprooved.  We supply many types of British standard insurance aprooved cylinders.

    Euro cylinders are also very quick and easy to change.

    If you require some expert advice then please feel free to call or email a member of our team.

  4. How Secure is Your Shed?

    We’re always on hand to help business premises and domestic clients make the most of their building security. And with the summer on the way it’s time to give the old garden shed the security once-over. These are all tips that can be applied to various outhouses and workshops, too.

    Window locks
    The windows of the average shed are a real weak spot. Small glass panes are easy to break quietly, especially when you’re only looking at 2mm thick agricultural glass. We recommend fitting secure window frames and locks. A cheaper option is to fit a sheet of Perspex over the entire window opening inside and/or outside the shed.

    Door Locks
    Is there a shed in the world that isn’t secured with padlocks? They’re versatile, cheap and easily adapted to suit a variety of shed doors and lock shapes. But if you’ve got valuables in your shed, fitting a proper mortice lock can offer a little more peace of mind.

    Don’t Advertise Your Stuff
    Leaving a pile of expensive gardening equipment or tools in the shed window isn’t the best idea. Invest in internal storage, one-way glass covering or even an alarm system to keep your tools safe.

    Home and business security is what we do. Top places to check this summer include garage door locks, bathroom windows, porch locks and, of course, the humble garden shed!
    If you’d like expert advice on home security, get in touch today for a chat with one of our advisors.

easylocks are one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of high-quality, authentic, state-of-the-art safety and security equipment, access control systems, anti-burglary devices, door and window hardware and ironmongery products, manufactured by reputable specialists and with applications to a large range of industry sectors, from commercial aircraft to residential security. With world-wide shipping services and a range of delivery options, including next-day domestic deliveries, you can rely on easylocks to see to it that your order fulfils the most exacting standards in terms of product, conveyance and after-sale support. Our prompt and attentive support staff are standing by to assist you throughout the day, and our credentials serve to guarantee you, our customer, the utmost care and professionalism in our collaboration. 

From our headquarters in Chelmsford, we manage an unrivalled distribution network for products that meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. We stock over 100 brands and more than 1,000 models of the finest, most technologically advanced products available on the market today. And we strive for no less than absolute perfection in our service, as it is a reflection of the first-rate, premium service levels our suppliers uphold.

We are proud to stock some of the most internationally acclaimed brands, including Basta Parsons, Bell System, Caldwell, CDVI Access, Dorma Hardware, Exitex, to name but a few. Our supplied products meet and surpass international quality management standards and address all the current requirements of architects, builders, specifiers, residential and commercial real estate agents and administrators, fire-fighters, professional and DIY hardware installers, renovators, decorators, as well as businesses operating in the hospitality, retail and health care sectors, among others.

Here at easylocks, quality is second to none; supplying security and access hardware products to our customers, and this condition underpins our extensive product range. Our current portfolio includes, among others: biometric readers, door loops, electronic combination locks, intercom systems, anti-climb security systems, closed circuit television systems, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, gate, door and window hardware, bicycle, cabinet, garage door, panel, safe, vehicle, radar and gate locks, radiator, window, wardrobe, radar, light switch, handcuff, gas and electric box meter keys, gun cabinets, laptop and media safes, home and hotel safes, and all the fittings and ancillary products imaginable.

Our knowledgeable and helpful customer service operatives will provide invaluable guidance on matters of international deliveries, large orders and returns, and they can be reached by e-mail or telephone. You’re important but less urgent inquiries can be directed to the Live Chat section of our website, which is available for you throughout business hours.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, bank transfers and paypal payments, as well as international delivery services upon request.