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The AGB Scudo DCK high security Euro double cylinder is a restricted profile cylinder, this means that key copies can only be obtained from the manufacture.

Each cylinder comes with a unique pin number, this will be needed to obtain extra keys.

The AGB Scudo DCK High Security Euro cylinder has the following features:  Anti-Pick & Anti-Bump design, Improved hand grip, Designed according to intrinsic security class 5 (UNI EN 1303), 3 different PIN codes for each cylinder, 15 radial and asymmetric tumblers made of hardened stainless steel and fixed pins for the differ, 3 hardened steel anti-drill pins on each side, Includes 5 high-resistance flat keys with micro rollers (AGB patent), Stainless steel U-shaped anti-burglar insert in the cylinder body, Steel anti-pull cam with a 15° slope once the key is pulled out.
The AGB Scudo DCK high security Euro double cylinder comes in a nickel plated finish. 

It comes boxed with a fixing screw and 5 keys.

easylocks are the UKs main supplier for the AGB Scudo DCK high security Euro double cylinders.

Technical Details

  • 17 hardened steel pins and radial counter pins, arranged in three rows
  • 2 + 2 hardened steel anti-drill pins, positioned vertically and staggered
  • 2 horizontally positioned pins preventing removal of the barrel
  • 5 nickel silver keys and card for duplication on sealed envelope
  • Stainless steel U element to prevent extraction of elements in cases of damage due to attempted break in
  • Steel anti-pull cam
3 sealed envelopes with secret PIN code to ensure that duplication is made on receipt of a specific request solely from the owner.

15 radial asymmetric pistons and 2 fixed pins (hardened steel) for a for a very high number of code combinations and high passive resistance to break in.

Special steel used to prevent removal of cylinder in cases of damage, due to attempted break in

Antidrill pin
Obstructs removal of the cylinder during attempted break ins.

5 patented nickel silver keys with mobile elements and ergonomic grip

Number of Anti-drill pins
3 hardened steel pins on each side

Reinforced Steel Bar prevents

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