How vulnerable are your Euro cylinder locks

Did you know that it only takes a burglar about a minute to gain entry to your home if your cylinder is not flush with the door or you are not using a anti bump cylinder.  If the cylinder is not flush then it can easily be snapped to gain entry, even in some cases burglars drill the handle sets off and then snap the cylinder. This can be prevented by using a anti snap or snap safe euro cylinder.

Euro cylinder locks can also be bumped very easily, and this can be prevented by using a anti bump cylinder. Most of  the euro cylinders we supply that are snap safe or anti snap are also bump and drill proof. Another option if you didn't want to change your current cylinder would be to use some high security escutcheons.

Your insurance company may also require your euro cylinders to be insurance aprooved.  We supply many types of British standard insurance aprooved cylinders.

Euro cylinders are also very quick and easy to change.

If you require some expert advice then please feel free to call or email a member of our team.

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