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Product Code: p_EZ1670

Roto 1800 Inline 4 Hooks Patio Door Lock

Core Information

  • 4 Hook Locking.

  • Cylinder Supplied Separately.

  • Frame Keeps Supplied Separately.

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Roto Locks & Hardware


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Roto 1800 Inline 4 Hooks Patio Door Lock £59.62 (Inc VAT)

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Price: (Including VAT) £0.00

The Roto 1800 Inline patio door lock has 4 hooks, a 17mm spindle backset, 25mm cylinder backset and a 16mm faceplate.The Roto patio door lock has a lift to lock function, when you lift the lever the hooks engage into the frame keep(not supplied) and is then deadlocked by the use of a key.

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