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Any medium and high security situations can certainly benefit from the use of a 2000+ Premier Series lock. This excellent quality comprehensive range of high quality cylinder locks employs a patented system, which offers users many benefits. One major security concern is when keys are lost, stolen or simply not returned. Many keys can be easily copied, meaning security can be jeopardised. This will never happen with a 2000+ Premier Series lock, as they are a patent protected brand. Based on these patents, the production of key blanks is restricted, making it practically impossible for unauthorised copies of the keys to be produced. As a matter of fact, the only entity that can duplicate a 2000+ Premier lock key is the manufacturer itself and only under a letter of authority. The 2000+ Premier series of cylinder locks all feature patented 6 pin security, Grade 6 key related security and durability, as well as Grade 2 attack resistance, as long as said lock is used in conjunction with a security escutcheon. The locks also feature a unique plug that is raised and has a slotted face. The locks cannot be drilled or picked and also come with multi-function options. easylocks is one of the UK's premier suppliers of the 2000+ Premier Series range of cylinder locks.