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8 Pin Mortice Deadlocks

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Cruciform cylinder locks offer a greater degree of security than standard locks, as their intricate design makes them difficult to pick. With their 8 pin design, these mortice deadlocks are incredibly secure compared to most other domestic mortice locks, and the hardened components are difficult to drill out. These mortice deadlocks can be fitted to wooden or steel doors and used for high security building entrances. The cruciform key has four blades shaped in the form of a cross, with one blade usually thicker than the others. They can be designed for locking from one side only or, using a symmetrical key design, from two sides.

easylocks offer a model from Zone that has two hardened steel pins which engage inside two escutcheons. The pins are hardened to HRC 56 to 58 and cannot be sawed through with normal saw blades. The lock is designed as a mortice lock that is fitted inside the door. Due to the shallow depth of 24 mm, it can be fitted inside steel doors used for medium store rooms and strong rooms. It can also be used for locking the external doors to commercial offices and factories.