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    Viro 12v Mortice Strike Polished Brass
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    The Viro 12v Mortice electronic strike release has a Single Pulse and is a high ...
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It is not always convenient or effective for all locks to be key operated where various levels of access are required. The use of biometric sensors or pass code activated locks can provide effective access control to staff with different permissions, for instance, and intercom systems are particularly useful for restricting entry into communal areas. Systems can be more or less sophisticated in accordance with the degree of security and flexibility required.

Combination locks, requiring a pass code of up to seven digits, are available in mechanical or electronic formats. With codes being easily changed, a security breach can be responded to quickly if necessary. Biometric sensors, such as the Era Ilock FX2 fingerprint lock, offer a high security option, accepting up to 39 fingerprint IDs with pass code and master-key operation. Accessories available include electronic strike release plates and armoured door loops to protect control cabling from tampering. easylocks stock a wide range of access control systems from manufacturers including Codelocks, Yale, Kaba, Era, ezlok and more.