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Located in the locksmith town of Mondragon within Basque Country, AGA was founded in 1963 as a small local locksmith workshop by three entrepreneurs who paved the way for the innovative and daring direction this ambitious company currently follows. AGA have been supplying prestigious Spanish builders and security equipment installers for decades. Their current catalogue includes handling locks, cylinders, high-security locks, locking systems, keyboards, bolt works, handles, hinges, mechanical combination locks, deposit locks, biometric systems, and RFID systems. Their flagship product is the RFID system, a mechanism used primarily in the hospitality industry, which can be combined with conventional locks for improved security. As modularity is a general feature of AGA products, customers can take advantage of customised security solutions that are integrated across multiple readers. As an industrial locksmith, the company maintains a national distribution network which incorporates 15 retailers, and its global distribution network extends across over 30 countries. Their quality standards know no boundaries, and all of their products are certified Class A or B, according to European standards and are available at easylocks.