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Although walls and fences can be sufficient to restrict unwanted intruders, sometimes it is also necessary to prevent attempts at scaling them. A series of spikes along the top provide both a visual deterrent and physical obstacle to climbing and can be as effective against animals as they are against humans.

The Prikka range of anti-climb strips are moulded in UV-resistant polypropylene, using a double-hinged baseplate which can accommodate some curvature on the fence or wall where it is to be fixed. The densely packed spikes are difficult for an intruder to grasp and uncomfortable to climb over. Available in two widths, the strips are ideal for use on walls, fences, gates and other climbable structures such as pipes, towers or outbuildings. They can be moulded into shape to fit curves and irregular surfaces by soaking in hot water beforehand. easylocks is the UK's leading supplier of Prikka anti-climb security strips.