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Automatic Gate Latches

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Security measures are of limited use unless they are employed consistently. One of the most significant areas of weakness in any system is failure to correctly shut gates. Particularly in domestic situations, an open gate can allow family pets to escape or provide easy access to unwelcome visitors. To mitigate this risk, automatic gate latches provide a straight-forward and effective mechanism for automatically returning a gate to its closed position after use. Suitable for almost any external gate whether in a residential or commercial location, automatic gate latches provide a vital protective function.

Automatic gate latches are made by manufacturers including ezlok and Crompton. For larger, weightier gates, the Crompton 1822 Heavy Automatic Gate Latch offers excellent strength due to its galvanised metal construction. Alternatively, the ezlok Auto Gate Latch can be used in conjunction with a spring to achieve reliable automatic closing action. The collection of automatic gate latches supplied by easylocks offers an attractive and practical selection of alternatives which ensure that gates can be securely fastened in a range of locations.