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Biometric Readers

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The choice of lock depends on a variety of factors, with access control a crucial one. Biometric Readers give the owner absolute control over access permissions. They are electronic locks which work by identifying human fingerprints. Biometric readers can be programmed to permit specific people at specific times, allowing for a more flexible and traceable workforce, but they are also useful within hotels for customer use. Biometric readers allow the user to remove access as well as grant it, so no replacement is required. These readers may also allow a keypad for extra access choice and for maintenance.

The The ERA I Lock FX1, FX2 and FX3 are three similar biometric readers available at easylocks, all with fingerprint recognition and keypads for code entry. The FX1 and FX2 both feature critical sliding covers to protect the recognition surface from dust and particles. The FX1 improves on other readers on offer at easylocks with the ability to issue pin codes for visitor and emergency access.