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Brass Padlocks

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Suitable for securing everything from a cash box to the garden shed, brass padlocks have plenty of uses. A padlock is ideal for securing any static closure, including a hasp, chain or bolt. Because they are resistant to changes in temperature, corrosion and moisture, brass security devices can be used outside, or in, as required. Brass is a durable alloy which will give years of useful service. The limited number of moving components minimise the risk of mechanical breakdown.

Padlocks are available with either a key locking mechanism or a combination lock. They can vary greatly in size enabling them to fulfil a multitude of functions in domestic and commercial locations. Extra-tough shackles can be purchased in varying lengths, allowing a padlock to encompass a thicker structure as well as more usual fastenings and clasps. To minimise the risk of unauthorised people gaining access to premises, some padlocks come with keys which can't be copied. Abus, Viro, Squire and Master are all leaders in the arena of padlock construction; easylocks' collections from these well-known manufacturers ensure there is always a tough, durable padlock readily available.