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Cylinder Guards

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Cylinder locks that conform to standards offer a relatively good level of protection. Cylinder guards, however, ensure an additional level of security to prevent locks from being forcibly pried open with vise grips or other tools often used to break into locked homes. They are designed to discourage cylinder removal, drilling, wrenching and other techniques commonly used to breach the locking mechanism. Cylinder guards work well with most cylinder lock configurations, irrespective of whether fitted to the door surface or mortised into doors.

Cylinder guards available at easylocks feature models from ERA and Souber. They cater to locks fitted on doors made from different materials, such as timber composite and UPVC. Screw-in cylinder guards for similar cylinders serve to reinforce doors against attempts to gain and force entry by wrenching locks. However, they are specific to select cylinder models and door types, so it is important to choose the right guard that best matches with the cylinder to leverage the benefits offered by cylinder locks, while also protecting them from major damages.