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Door Hardware

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Door hardware is the variety of products that are fixed to doors. On internal doors this is generally simple door knobs or handles, with accompanying hinges. External doors, particularly front doors, often require more door hardware. This is because unlike internal doors, front doors are not just a means of getting from one side of a wall to another. They are also a way of identifying your house, a means of obtaining your mail, and the method to secure your house when you are not there.

The range of door hardware from easylocks includes hinges, knobs and handles, letterboxes and letterbox cages, knockers, house numbers or signs and door viewers to enable a view of the caller without opening the door. Also in the range are less common items such as door restrictors, which dictate the door's opening position, door closers to gently close the door after use, and the small fine detail door furniture such as escutcheons, cylinder pulls, and finger plates.