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Easy Access Nightlatches

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Easy Access Nightlatches are excellent, easy-to-fit security solutions for doors that are installed by mounting the nightlatch onto the door rather than fitting it into it using a tool such as a mortiser. Nightlatches are commonly fitted to both internal and external doors, providing high levels of security for external doors and giving a degree of privacy when fitted to internal ones. Unlike regular nightlatches, easy access nightlatches are designed specifically with ease of use and accessibility in mind, often coming in bright colours, with the lever handle being larger than your average, so it is easy to find and operate at all times. Nightlatches with easy access are ideal for disabled people and the elderly, and are compliant with the disability discrimination act legislation, making them essential additions to doors in hospitals and care homes, and desirable for any commercial property wishing to meet legal requirements.

easylocks are stockists of high-quality easy-access, affordable nightlatches from leading brands in door locks and security. Products available include the Union 1028 Easy Access Rim Nightlatch which has been manufactured for extra-easy access, with a lengthy lever and bright red colouring on the body. It is DD compliant, though not suitable for outward opening or doors that have glass panels.