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Electronic Nightlatches

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Electronic nightlatches are particularly suitable for entrance doors or gates that experience a high level of traffic. This type of lock encompasses electric rim locks, and these can not only be fitted to metal doors and gates, but can also be wired into entry phone systems to allow remote operation. Electronic nightlatches from easylocks include built-in external five-pin cylinders and each set is supplied with three keys.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electronic nightlatches, easylocks offers two models to choose from by specialist brand, CISA. The first is the CISA 11921 Electric Rim Lock for Metal Doors and Gates, and in addition to those features mentioned above, it is 12V AC fail locked. Cylinders on existing masterkey systems can be arranged by special order. The second model available is the CISA 11931 Electric Rim Lock with Hold Back for Metal Doors and Gates. This is also 12V AC fail locked and is fitted with a snib to ensure the latch can be held back. If three keys will not be sufficient, additional keys can be added to either model for a nominal charge, and 12V AC coil sets are available if required.