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Enfield are leading manufacturers of garage door bolts in the UK, with many people installing them to guarantee their garage doors are secure at all times. Highly recommended across the board as an affordable but reliable security solution, Enfield garage door bolts are sturdy, robust and extremely resilient. A great deterrent for opportunistic thievery, these items are certainly customer friendly and have been designed and put together with usability in mind, meaning that they are easy to operate, with a quick, straight forward installation process that requires no special skills, so professional assistance is not needed at any stage. The bolt is supplied with all the instructions needed for fitting, along with escutcheon, rivets, coach bolts and a 4 sided key. Once fitted, the Enfield garage door bolt is simple to operate, locking and unlocking with a single turn of the key. It is supplied as a keyed alike pair, so each bolt works with the same key, so only one key needs to be carried in order to open it or lock it at any time. easylocks are UK stockists of Enfield garage door bolts and accessories, with the latest offers at competitive prices.