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Gate Springs

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A common external security problem is failure to shut a perimeter gate after use. As well as an open gate presenting an opportunity for unauthorised entry, it can also provide a chance for family pets or children to stray out of the garden and potentially into a more dangerous environment. Gate springs solve this problem by exerting sufficient force on the gate for it to swing shut after being opened. They offer a sensible option for most small and medium sized gates, particularly in residential properties.

The ezlok Door & Gate Spring is ideal for obtaining an effective closure swing on an external gate. The ezlok Spring is made from tough, durable materials which are resistant to wear and tear as well as unaffected by moisture and extremes of temperature. The spring is straightforward to install, requiring only a few screws to fix one end on to the gate and the other on to the gate post. easylocks' choice of gate springs provides an effective solution to the problem of improperly shut external gates.