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GeGe pExtra British Standard Screw In Cylinder

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Description The Gege pExtra 6 pin screw in security cylinder is ideal for commercial use where key control and high usage is essential. The Gege pExtra 6 pin euro single security cylinder is a high quality grade components insure these cylinders are durable and robust. Gege pExtra cylinders can be supplied keyed to differ ( each cylinder will operate under its own key), keyed alike (all cylinders will operate under the same key) or master keyed ( each cylinder will operate under its own key, but a master key will operate all of them). Fully Kitemarked Approved - Conforms to BS EN 1303. Blocking Pin prevents unlocking with illegally produced keys. The patented branch groove cannot be copied with common key milling machines like Bosch Easy Entry. If an illegally made duplicate key is inserted into the cylinder it will only turn in one direction.
Keying Options Keyed To Differ
Finishes Nickel Plated
Keys Supplied 3 Keys
Key Type Restricted
Mechanism 6 Pin
Operation Key
Supplied In Single
Security Rating British Standard, Anti Pick, Anti Drill
Manufacturer GeGe Locks
Notes • Conforms To EN1303:2007
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