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ABT Gibbons Locks

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UPVC and aluminium doors require specialist locks, which is why the Gibbons range of locks are in such demand. Particularly in residential properties where a UPVC front door or patio door is common, a Gibbons lock is specifically designed to be easily fitted. Gibbons excel at producing locks that incorporate a double security mechanism which requires both handle movement and a key to release it, known as a sash lock. Available with a dead lock and latch, Gibbons’ sash locks keep property secure whilst still providing easy entry for legitimate personnel. The Gibbons products from easylocks benefit from the use of robust, durable build materials that are resistant to wear and tear. Designed for use in conjunction with a selection of attractive handles, the lock is discreetly located to minimise visual impact. Created to give multi-point locking, the mechanism is a good choice where a robust locking system is crucial. The Gibbons locks that easylocks has on offer have a high-quality construction which allows them to always operate smoothly and efficiently; just one of the many advantages these premium items provide.