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Gun Cabinets

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Gun-cabinets are required by law to be of a quality that prevents unauthorised persons or children from gaining access to a deadly weapon. The onus rests squarely with gun owners to ensure that tragic accidents or crime are not facilitated by the theft or misuse of their firearms. These cabinets must be constructed of a material strong enough to resist breakage and a locking system that is not susceptible to tampering. Along with these safety measures, they should also provide convenient access to proper authorities.

The Burton GS3 Gun Safe has the capacity to hold five guns that have silencers and scopes attached and a carpeted base that protects against scratches. The Warden Size 2 Gun Cabinet is a large safe that has a key lock but provides the option of upgrading to a PIN code or fingerprint locking system. Ranger adds a number of options to an impressive range of strong and highly reliable gun cabinets that provide total peace of mind. easylocks is the main supplier of these leading brands.