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KAC Alarm Company is the largest global manufacturer of products which function as evacuation devices and manual call points for commercial security and fire systems. With experience spanning over 4 decades, KAC is a long-established brand in the emergency, evacuation and safety sector, protecting millions of lives with simple, intelligent solutions. The company is at the forefront of the fire system sector, having developed the break glass call-point. The company's founder, Ron Reid, patented the modern version of the break glass call-point in 1970, and began producing and trading it in 1972 as the Kidderminster Alarm Company, bearing the logo still used today. When it moved from Kidderminster to Alcester, in 1975, the company became KAC Alarm Company Ltd. Over the course of the next 20 years, the company extended across the Channel, to Holland, France and Spain, and was acquired by Honeywell in 2000. Thereafter, KAC's portfolio expanded to include intelligent call points and more recently, re-settable call points. It currently meets and exceeds international safety standards, ensuring longevity and reliability for all products. A wide range of call points and ancillary products are made available via easylocks to help commercial entities comply with current fire safety regulations.