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Letter Cages

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Letter cages are a practical addition to any front door. As well as catching mail and preventing it from getting dirty or being misplaced, letter cages can provide additional security by making it impossible for burgers to pull down the night latch with a hook through the letterbox. Letter cages also keep mail out of the destructive hands and paws of children and pets, and prevent mail from building up and blocking the door when away.

Letter cages come in several shapes and sizes, and are typically made from sturdy wire frames. Smaller models, like the ezlok Small Letter Cage, are ideal for home use, while larger models such as the ezlok Large Letter Cage are more suitable for businesses and blocks of flats. For all purpose use, the ezlok Folding Letter Cage provides a more varied solution. All of these items can be easily installed in just a few minutes, and come with all the accessories needed to fit them. A range of high quality letter cages from leading manufacturers is available from easylocks.