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Lock Alarm focus on producing essential security products at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy safety, peace of mind and the level of security that various factors of modern life necessitate. Lock understands that security products need to provide 100% reliability, all of the time and so they have achieved a simple, effectual product line that falls comfortably in the price range of every consumer. Their heavy duty handy alarms, padlocks, safes and lock combinations are ideal for use in the home, indoors or outdoors, and they are especially useful when travelling, providing excellent security for vehicles. These security alarms are portable and small, but make a disturbing, ear piercing noise when a potential thief is detected. The distinctive, cutting edge alarms, many of which cleverly double up as locks, have won several awards for design and innovation and have received acres of positive press from acclaimed publications - including BBC Gardener’s World Magazine, the Sunday Telegraph Magazine and Caravan Club Magazine - who have given them glowing reviews. easylocks stock the latest and best in Lock Alarms products, such as cable alarms, safes and combination alarms.