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Because patio doors frequently open out onto the garden, they are often targeted by thieves due to the enhanced privacy of their location. This means that a highly secure locking method is required to keep house contents safe, whilst still being easy to operate and aesthetically discreet. A superb solution for patio door security is the use of a multipoint locking system such as those manufactured by Monarch. Whilst traditional night latch locks have only a single point of security which can be compromised through targeted force, multipoint locks incorporate additional hook or round bolts along the length of the door, minimising the areas of weakness. The locks manufactured by Monarch for use on patio or sliding doors are ideal for either aluminum or timber framed installations. Multipoint locks are simple to fit and can be used on doors which open either to the right or the left. Made from tough materials which have been rigorously tested to ensure they are able to withstand the demands made upon them, each Monarch lock is skillfully created to an extremely high specification. Securing patio doors with one of Monarch’s multipoint systems is a sensible solution to protect a property from unwanted intruders.