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Prikka is a London and Lancashire based company that was founded in the UK in 1900 and is proud to maintain its British roots and priorities supporting British industry even as it continues to grow and experience overseas success. The company's basis revolves around one particular product and premise, and that is the Prikka Strip. This is a unique, patended invention that acts as an 'intruder excluder', deterring unwanted pests and offering full protection against intruders in the house and garden. The rubber strip contains rubber spikes that do not harm potential pests but make it difficult for them to enter and almost double up as a scarecrow for animals, scaring off the likes of cats, birds and rodents. The Prikka Strip is versatile and can be applied anywhere in our out of the house, with popular locations including walls, fences, piping and gates. It comes in several colours, some bright and unmissable, others more subtle for a sneakier approach, or for those worried that it will be unsightly, and is made in the UK using weather resistant materials, thus making it an enduring, long term security solution. easylocks are a leading stockist of Prikka Strips in the UK, with anti-climb strips available for general use as well as specifically for application to bricks.