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Prikka Strip

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Description The Prikka Strip is a triple row of pointed cones, moulded from polypropylene with excellent UV weathering resistance.
Finishes Grey

• Each Prikka Strip Is 500mm Long, 45mm Wide And 15mm High Which Delivers Maximum Deterrent But Minimum Harm. 

• The Prikka Strip Has A Unique Double-Hinge Design To Allow It To Be Formed Neatly On Fence Tops, Pipes And Other Irregular Surfaces. 

• The Prikka Strips Are An Effective Deterrent Against Unwelcome Intruders And Can Be Used On The Top Of Fences, Gates, Pipes And Walls, The Prikka Strips Are Pet Friendly

Manufacturer Prikka
Size 500 x 45mm
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