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Ranger S1 Gun Cabinets 2K Cash Rating

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Every gun owner in the UK is required by law to store their weapon in so the weapon cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel. The Ranger S1 range of gun cabinets comply with these laws. It is advised to store guns unlocked, unloaded and separately from ammunition, especially if children live nearby. The 2K cash rating is an indication of a cabinet's level of security; the figure is the level of cover an underwriter will assign to the contents of the safe.

The Ranger S1 gun cabinets on offer at easylocks come with a key-operating lock, as with the S1, or a biometric lock, as with the RS1. The biometric lock allows the owner to permit specific individuals by fingerprint, allowing extra protection from those who might otherwise find and use the key. The Ranger S1 Gun Cabinets with a 2K Cash Rating at easylocks come with the option of five or seven gun storage capacity.