Rim Latches

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There are many locations where, for reasons of safety or convenience, a locking mechanism isn't an appropriate security measure. Particularly in the case of fire doors, or where easy access is required without using a key, rim latches provide a straight-forward method of secure fastening whilst still facilitating easy opening from one side. Frequently used in public buildings and offices, this type of lock is also a useful addition to workshops and retail premises.

Rim latches come in different styles, including a push bar which is installed across the entire width of the door, which is ideal for publically accessible areas, as well as a single push button latch suitable for locations where the chances of an emergency exit being utilised are low. Exidor are experts in producing this type of latch, producing a specialist range which conform to EN179 and provide a holistic solution for building protection. Compliant with all relevant legislation and built to last, easylocks' rim latches are a superb answer to fire safe security.