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Roller Shutter Bullet Lock Housings

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Designed to be firmly welded to a wide range of commercial shutter doors, casings for roller shutter bullet locks provide a tough protective sheath for the insertion of a bullet lock. This type of security measure is commonly employed on shutter doors which will be kept shut for a protracted period, for example when a shop or business is closed or goods need to be kept safely stored and only accessed periodically.

Depending on the shape of the bullet lock which is to be used, roller shutter bullet lock housings are offered in a selection of different shapes. ezlok and ILS are specialists in this niche lock market, offering roller shutter bullet lock housings in oval and round variations. The housings are made of alloy which is resistant to force, weathering and corrosion. Once secured to the shutter door, easylocks' carefully sourced selection of roller shutter bullet lock housings will be strong enough to foil even a determined break in attempt.,p>