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Ronis C4S ( 4 Digit ) Mechanical Combination Cam Lock

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Ronis C4S ( 4 Digit ) Mechanical Combination Cam Lock is suitable for key cabinets, lockers and mail boxes. It is ideal for schools, colleges and workplaces. Its easy installation ensures large numbers can be fitted on site quickly and efficiently. The simple design and comfortable, easy grip makes it an ideal solution for environments around children and students. With its sleek, simple design, it can accommodate any size business whatever your needs. Whether staff want to keep valuables safe or you simply want to provide more storage, it is the perfect product.

Due to its design, it ensures it can be retro-fitted onto almost all existing lockers. It is a lock that can retro-fit a standard nut-fixing cam lock. Its solid design makes it durable and long lasting.

It is fitted with a settings button that can be used to re-programme the device. This helps users set and change codes within a possible 10,000 combinations quickly and easily on site. It is also fitted with a patent-protected detector plate so that forgotten codes can be identified in seconds with just the reset key.

The combination lock eliminates the need for keys (and the added risks of losing and replacing them), making it cost effective.

• Uses 4 wheels for combination • User Code: 4 Digits • Resettable Combination • Easily Reprogrammable.

Manufacturer Ronis Locks
Finishes White
Body Length 19.5mm
Keying Options Keyed To Differ
Handing Non Handed
Keys Supplied 1 Key
Body Diameter 19mm
Cam Length 40mm
Cam Type Straight
Fixing Type Nut Fix
Head Shape Round
Locking Type Combination
Notes • Has key override & master key • Reset Key: C4-KEY • Rotation: 90°, Ro/Lc • Diameter (Size): 56.9mm • Cam Width: 15.5mm • Panel Thickness: 10mm • Operations / Cycles : 30,000+ Cycles • Dry area application • Patented product
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