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    Lockey LY200 Digital Key Safe Satin Chrome
    Lockey LY200 Digital Key Safe
    The Lockey LY200 Digital Key Safe is ahigh quality key safe storage with 12 push...
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Having a reliable safe to protect important documents or valuables from unauthorised persons has become a necessity for many. However, while a good safe will keep your valuables safe from burglary, they should remain easily accessible for authorized persons. Whether it is intended for home or office use, choosing the right safe will ensure that both requirements are comfortably met.

Protecting office keys that provide access to restricted areas is easy with the Master Lock ML5415 key safe with its resettable dial combination. Ezlok offers safes disguised as diaries, rocks or candles for those low-value items that need protecting, while Yale and Alpha provide sturdy home and office safes that will deter any unauthorised person. The Phoenix SS0703 compact safe can be fitted to a wall or floor and is ideal for the short term security of cash and other valuables. easylocks stocks a wide range of safes from these leading manufactures, which is certain to include the perfect safe for any circumstance.