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Spring Door Closers

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A spring door close is a device that is attached to the top of an internal door and door frame that helps to automatically close a door once it has been opened. Door closers work using a spring inside a cylinder. As the door opens, the cylinder is filled with air. Once the door is let go of and it starts to close, a piston is pushed by the spring, causing air to move out of the cylinder through a hole. This then causes the door to shut at a gentle, controlled speed.

One excellent Spring Door Closer solution is the Yale Spring Door Closer. Yale can be trusted as the world’s leading manufacturer of locks, security equipment and door furniture. The Yale Spring Door Closer from easylocks offers an excellent-quality solution to your door-closing needs. It can be fitted quickly and easily and requires little effort, and no technical knowledge. The product is the ideal solution for ensuring fire doors close behind you when walking through an internal door.