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Tri Circle Locks

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Tri Circle Locks are based in Zhejiang, a province of China, and offer basic but highly effective locks and security solutions at unbeatable prices. Though the company was only established just over a decade ago in the year 2000, it has experienced speedy growth, with over 400 dedicated employees working to manufacture and distribute the Tri Circle locks to customers and countries all over the globe, exporting them as far as Europe and the United States. The locks in question are nothing fancy, and they very much go back to the old school, traditional designs and construction, focusing entirely on practicalities and affordability rather than state of the art design or branding. Nonetheless, some of their padlocks do have attractive designs, too, especially the innovative cylinder and beam wrapped varieties. They are available in various materials and finishes, with brass and iron being the most common, and are fit for a whole host of purposes. easylocks are a leading UK stockist of Tri Circle locks, with many of the most sought after padlocks available for trade, commercial and personal use. These include brass body padlocks, long shackle brass padlocks and iron padlocks.