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Visonic PowerMax MCS-740 Wireless Outdoor Siren

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Description MCT-303 is a wireless shock sensor with a combined reed switch. When mounted directly onto a window or door frame, it protects windows, walls and low-traffic doors. Ideal for protecting windows, walls and low-traffic doors Integral reed switch protects the opening sections of windows Digital calibration facility for false alarm management Complies with EN 50131 Grade 2
Manufacturer Visonic
Finishes White
Alarm Accessory Bell/Box Siren
Certification Grade 2
Type Wireless

• MCT-303 Is A Wireless Shock Sensor With A Combined Reed Switch. • When Mounted Directly Onto A Window Or Door Frame, It Protects Windows, Walls And Low-Traffic Doors. • Integral Reed Switch Protects The Opening Sections Of Windows. • Digital Calibration Facility For False Alarm Management.

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