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Visonic PowerMax MCT-220 Panic Button

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Description Panic button to install in bedroom. Once pushed the alarm will sound. Enables a user to raise emergency alarm calls when the control panel is out of reach Attractive and compact design Includes humidity-resistant silicon pocket � enables safe use in humid environments with no direct splashes of water, such as bathrooms (not in the bath itself), showers, and gardens Includes additional internal input for connecting any hardwired device such as an occupancy sensor Low battery indication and alerts sent to the control unit Back light can be switched on and off
Manufacturer Visonic
Finishes White
Alarm Accessory Panic Button
Type Personal Alarm

• Panic Button To Install In Bedroom. • Once Pushed The Alarm Will Sound. • Enables A User To Raise Emergency Alarm Calls When The Control Panel Is Out Of Reach. • Attractive And Compact Design. • Includes Humidity-Resistant Silicon Pocket – Enables Safe Use In Humid Environments With No Direct Splashes Of Water, Such As Bathrooms (Not In The Bath Itself), Showers, And Gardens. • Includes Additional Internal Input For Connecting Any Hardwired Device Such As An Occupancy Sensor. • Low Battery Indication And Alerts Sent To The Control Unit. • Back Light Can Be Switched On And Off.

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