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Warden Gun Cabinets

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Warden gun cabinets are designed especially to store guns and ammunition. Because of this unique function, it is essential that Warden gun cabinets are very secure and of high quality. They come in a number of different styles and sizes to accommodate various different types of guns and include useful shelves where ammunition can be stashed securely. Each of these cabinets also includes a safe, which can be used to keep a range of other valuable items such as jewellery, gun licenses and cash safe and secure at all times.

A range of different types of gun cabinets has been created by Warden to suit different budgets and needs. This leading manufacturer creates its products with safety firmly in mind, and all of their models exceed the requirements of BS7558. While these models come with a regular key lock as standard, they can also be upgraded to fingerprint locking or PIN code if desired to make them extra secure. The cabinets are independently tested in Sweden to SS3492 requirements and are extremely high quality. There are three main sizes available, and all of these impressive and extremely durable models can be found on the easy to use easylocks website.