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Window Hinges

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Very often when window hinges fail, people think they need to replace the whole window, rather than simply the hinges; however, window hinges can be purchased separately to a window, and are available for both UPVC and wooden units. Window hinges can be replaced on nearly any window, which can be a cost effective alternative to replacing the whole unit. There are several different types of hinges available, and choosing the correct hinge is essential to ensuring the safe operating of the window.

A wide variety of window hinges can be purchased from easylocks. All the window hinges available are manufactured by the world's leading brands of windows and window security systems. Rest assured they have been carefully selected for their quality and functionality. One window hinge to consider is the ezlok Elite Slimline Hinge which is suitable for all window types and is of a high quality. This product is also available with a restrictor, improving the safety of the window. The window hinges usually require little professional knowledge to fit, and can be quickly and easily installed.