Window Ventilation Locks

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Window ventilation locks allow for restricted window opening and are specifically designed for UPVC and metal windows. The shape of the lock enables homeowners to open their windows for fresh air or a cool breeze in the summer months, yet still maintain their security and their family's safety. While the window will be open enough to allow air to flow freely throughout the home, it cannot be opened further from the outside, which means windows can be left open overnight without compromising safety. These window ventilation locks are ideal for high rise apartments, for households with young children, and for homes with poor ventilation.

easylocks are the UK's premier seller of window ventilation locks, supplying both domestic and trade customers with ERA branded locking mechanisms. The ERA 721 (for windows) and ERA 812 (for doors) ensure safety and security at all times. The ERA 721 allows for windows to be opened to a maximum of 75mm, while the ERA 812 is very easy to install by simply fitting the 'Safe-T-Bar' into place along with the sliding bar base and the keep base. These locks can improve airflow, preventing damp environments which could encourage the growth of mould and mildew.