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Zone Locks

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ZONE HAVE GONE INTO ADMINISTRATION so we are no longer able to supply their products Zone products are mainly used to control access to buildings, but as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can help protect and fasten most types of gates, entryways, hatchways, crates, trunks and chests, among others. The Zone brass body padlock and long shackle padlock range is a collection of hardened padlocks which can be used to secure any type of door. Zone Locks’ 900 laminated padlock is also an extremely handy, hardened and sturdy padlock, along with the other stainless steel padlocks in the collection, be they standard or cylinder-operated, with or without combinations. The Zone 303 door closer is a convenient way of keeping in-swinging exterior doors or interior doors on commercial premises closed. The Zone Locks range also includes a selection of bicycle chains and high-security padlock chains to protect valuables and cash. The quality and the reliability of Zone Locks products on offer on the easylocks website make these versatile products suitable for a wide variety of applications, from bicycle theft prevention to access control. With a wide customer base, these products offer the ideal solutions for meeting the demanding needs of architects, builders, property managers, and office administrators, amongst others.